You can uninstall a secondary site from the Configuration Manager 2007 installation media, or you can connect to the installation files from a mapped network drive, hard disk drive, or another removable storage media at the secondary site.

If the server hosting the secondary site will not be part of the Configuration Manager 2007 hierarchy after the secondary site is uninstalled, you should remove the computer account of the primary site server from the local Administrators group on the secondary site server computer after performing this procedure.

To uninstall a secondary site using Configuration Manager Setup

  1. Log on to the new secondary site server computer with an account that has local administrative permissions.

  2. Insert the Configuration Manager 2007 installation media into the server’s drive, or click autorun.exe, located at the root of the installation files directory, on source files copied to a local drive on the server.

  3. Click Configuration Manager 2007.

  4. On the Welcome page, click Next.

  5. On the Configuration Manager Setup Options page, click Uninstall Configuration Manager.

  6. Confirm your decision to uninstall the secondary site by clicking Yes in the delete confirmation dialog box.

  7. Review the Installation Summary page to determine the steps Configuration Manager 2007 is taking as it uninstalls the secondary site.

    After the secondary site has been successfully uninstalled, you must manually delete the address to the secondary site and delete the secondary site from the primary site's Configuration Manager console using the Delete Secondary Site Wizard.

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