The Mobile Device Management feature in Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 introduces a number of changes from the version found in Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 Device Management Feature Pack.

Mobile device platform support added

Support for the following mobile devices has been added:

  • Windows Mobile 2003 Smartphone

  • Windows Mobile for Pocket PC 2003 Second Edition

  • Windows Mobile for Pocket PC 5.0

  • Windows Mobile for Pocket PC Phone Edition 5.0

  • Windows Mobile 6 Standard

  • Windows Mobile 6 Professional

  • Windows Mobile 6 Classic

For a complete list of supported mobile devices, see Supported Mobile Devices.

Internet-based Client Management Support for Mobile Device Clients

Internet-based client management allows you to manage Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 mobile device clients when they are not connected to your company network but have a standard Internet connection. For more information about configuring Internet-based mobile device clients, see Administrator Checklist: Configuring Mobile Devices for a Site that Supports Internet-Based Client Management.

DMConsole removed

The Device Management Console for the mobile device client has been removed. Mobile device clients retain a Device Management view under Start / Settings.

SMS_Def.mof for hardware inventory extension now in a defined package

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 administrators no longer have to deploy SMS_Def.mof to extend the hardware inventory. A defined Device Management Inventory Extension package now contains everything needed to target and deploy mobile devices. For more information about extending the inventory to desktop computers for mobile device management, see How to Distribute Inventory Extension to Client Desktop Computers for Mobile Device Management.

DMScript removed

Device Management Scripts have been removed from Configuration Manager. Device Management Scripts will not function on a Configuration Manager client because the DMScript engine has been removed. Administrators that need this functionality are encouraged to use the .NET Compact Framework and any of the .NET languages to create command applets to perform these functions.

New Mobile Device Management Reports

The following new reports have been added to the mobile device management feature:

  • New Client Status Reports:

  • Client Agent Deployment Success

  • Client Agent Deployment – Failure

  • Client Agents – Healthy

  • Client Agents Unhealthy

  • Client Agent Health Summary

  • Client Agent Unhealthy – Local

For more information about reports for mobile devices, see How to Use Reports for Mobile Devices.

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