The Policies node in the Configuration Manager console appears under Network Access Protection after the Network Access Protection (NAP) client agent is enabled for the site. This node displays software updates that have been selected to be included in NAP evaluation, and the date that evaluation will be effective (the Effective Date).

Refresh the Configuration Manager console to display the latest Network Access Protection information, for example:

Software updates can be configured for NAP evaluation with the New Policies Wizard. You can run this wizard by right-clicking the Policies node and then selecting New Policies. Configuration Manager 2007 NAP policies can also be created by configuring a software update to be evaluated for NAP under the Software Updates node as part of the Deploy Software Updates Wizard or by configuring the software update's property under the Software Updates node.

When you configure a software update for NAP evaluation in either the Software Updates node or in the Network Access Protection node, the resulting Configuration Manager 2007 NAP policy is always displayed in the NAP Policies node.

To modify the Effective Date, edit the policy properties. This setting can also be modified in the software update properties in the Software Updates node.

To stop a software update from being evaluated for NAP, delete the NAP policy by selecting it and pressing the Delete key. This is the same as canceling the selection Include in NAP evaluation in the software update properties in the Software Updates node.

Actions for the Policies Home Page

The following actions are available on the Policies home page.

Action Description

Give feedback

Opens a Configuration Manager 2007 Web site where feedback can be given.


Provides the following view options:

  • Add/Remove columns: Specifies which columns display in the results pane. Select the column name from the Available columns window, and click Add to add the column to the displayed columns. Select the column name from the Displayed columns window, and click Remove to remove the column from the displayed columns. Click Restore Defaults to display the default columns. Click OK to save changes.

  • Export list: Exports the data in the results pane to a Text or Unicode Text file that is tab or comma delimited.

  • Hide search bar: Specifies to hide the search bar located above the results pane.

Customize: Specifies which items are displayed in the Configuration Manager 2007 console window.

New windows from here

Opens a new console window using the current node as the root node.


Refreshes the display with the most current information.


Opens the properties of the policy so that you can modify the Effective Date.

You can configure the same Effective Date for multiple policies by selecting the policies and then selecting Properties.


Opens the associated help topic.

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