When enabled, the Configuration Manager 2007 software inventory client agent can collect software inventory data directly from files (such as .exe files) by inventorying the file header information. Configuration Manager 2007 can also inventory unknown files — files that do not have detailed information in their file headers. This provides a flexible, easy-to-maintain software inventory method. You can also have Configuration Manager 2007 collect copies of files that you specify. Software inventory and collected file information for a client can be viewed using Resource Explorer. For more information about Resource Explorer, see About Resource Explorer.

While software inventory is capable of inventorying encrypted and compressed files, software inventory may run much slower due to the additional processing required. When encrypted files are inventoried, an un-encrypted copy of the file must be created to inventory. In addition, if antivirus software is running on the client machine, the antivirus software will detect the inventory agent opening the files scanned by software inventory and will rescan them to ensure they are not infected with a virus.

The file collection tab of the software inventory client agent properties is used to enable and configure software inventory client agent settings for a site. For more information about enabling and configuring file collection properties, see How to Configure Software Inventory for a Site.

Software inventory can use considerable network capacity. The amount of network capacity used depends on the number of Configuration Manager clients you have, how frequently you schedule software inventory, and the size of the files you collect (if any). If you expect that software inventory will significantly affect network activity, consider running this process during non-peak hours.

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