Use the Languages tab in the Configuration Manager 2007 Software Update Point Component Properties dialog box to specify the languages for which the software updates files are downloaded and software updates summary information (metadata) is synchronized. The configured language settings are stored in the site control file.

In Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003, the download.ini file stored the configuration settings for the languages that were used. The download.ini file is no longer used when synchronizing software updates.

The Languages tab contains the following elements:

Update File

Specifies the default set of languages that will be available when downloading software updates at the site. When on the Language Selection page of the Deploy Software Updates Wizard or Download Software Updates Wizard, the languages configured for the software update point are automatically selected, but they can be modified each time updates are downloaded or deployed. When the wizard completes, the software update files for the configured languages are downloaded to the deployment package source location and then copied to the distribution points configured for the deployment package.The update file language settings should be configured on the software update point with the languages that are most often used in your environment. For example, if client computers in the site use mostly English and Japanese languages for the operating system or applications, and there are very few other languages used at the site, select English and Japanese in the Update File column and clear the other languages. This allows you to most often use the default settings on the Language Selection page of the wizards and it also prevents unneeded update files from being downloaded. This setting is configured in the properties for the active software update point at each site in the Configuration Manager 2007 hierarchy.
Summary Details

Specifies the languages for which the metadata for the software updates is downloaded during synchronization. The metadata provides the information about the software update, such as name, description, products that the update supports, update classification, article ID, download URL, applicability rules, and so on.The summary details settings are configured only on the active software update point on the central site server. The active software update point and Internet-based software update point, if configured, on child sites synchronize the software updates metadata from the upstream synchronization source for the languages configured at the central site. When selecting the summary details languages, you should select only the languages needed in your environment. The more languages that are selected, the longer it takes to synchronize the software updates metadata. The software updates metadata is displayed in the locale of the operating system where the Configuration Manager console is running. If the localized properties for the software updates are not available, the information displays in English.
It is very important that you select all of the summary details languages that will be needed in your Configuration Manager hierarchy. When the active software update point on the central site is synchronized, the selected summary details languages determine what software updates metadata is retrieved. If the summary details languages are modified after the synchronization has run at least one time, the metadata is retrieved for the modified summary details languages for only new or updated software updates. The software updates that have already been synchronized will not retrieve metadata for different languages unless there is a change to the update on Microsoft Update.

Saves the changes, and exits the dialog box.

Exits the dialog box without saving any changes.

Saves the changes, and remains in the dialog box.

Opens the help topic for this tab of the dialog box.

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