Configuration Manager 2007 provides international support for all Configuration Manager 2007 features. However, there are certain issues that you must consider when using Configuration Manager Installer and software metering. Planning for the language requirements of your organization might influence the extent to which these features are used.

Configuration Manager Installer

You can use Configuration Manager Installer to create installation scripts for single and multiple local languages. A local language installation script is a standard Configuration Manager 2007 installation script that has its entire user interface text, dialog boxes and messages to the user, replaced with the local language equivalents. The following table lists the languages that Configuration Manager Installer supports and the corresponding local language installation scripts that it supports. For example, the English-language version of Configuration Manager Installer has an English-language user interface, but supports the creation of installation scripts that contain German-language dialog boxes and installation messages. In addition, you can write a multiple language installation script by using the English version of Configuration Manager Installer. Such a script might contain installation messages and dialog boxes in English, German, and French.

Configuration Manager Installer user interface language Supported installation script languages


Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese-Brazilian, Spanish, Swedish installation messages and dialog boxes


French installation messages and dialog boxes


German and English installation messages and dialog boxes

Korean- enabled (English user interface)

Korean and English installation messages and dialog boxes


Japanese and English installation messages and dialog boxes

Simplified Chinese

Simplified Chinese and English installation messages and dialog boxes

Traditional Chinese- enabled (English user interface)

Traditional Chinese and English installation messages and dialog boxes

Software Metering

Most executable programs contain header information that includes the product version, product name, and language of the program. Configuration Manager 2007 software metering tracks usage of local-language versions of executable programs by verifying the language field in the version stamp of the executable program file. Verification of the language field is automatically performed by software metering when new software metering rules are created. When you add a software program for monitoring and you change the language field from the default value detected by Configuration Manager 2007, you might set the language field incorrectly. If the language field is set incorrectly, the correct language version of the program is not collected. To avoid this problem, verify that the software programs you are metering contain the correct language field entry in accord with your licensing agreements. For information about creating software metering rules, see Software Metering in Configuration Manager. The language version of each monitored program is displayed in the Software Metering Rules Properties page in the Configuration Manager console.

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