Before you perform an unattended Configuration Manager 2007 installation, you should ensure that you have properly prepared your computing environment according to the Configuration Manager 2007 supported configurations. For more information about Configuration Manager 2007 supported configurations, see Configuration Manager Supported Configurations. Configuration Manager 2007 requires that you preinstall Microsoft SQL Server 2005. See your SQL Server documentation for more information.

Unattended setup using the /Script setup command-line option is supported only for new installations of primary sites, secondary sites, or Configuration Manager consoles.

To deploy a site using scripted installation methods

  1. Use a text editor, such as Notepad.exe, to create an initialization file. The file name is not significant as long as it is in the format <filename>.ini. For example, you could create a file that is named ConfigMgrUnattend.ini.

  2. Customize the initialization file for your specific setup requirements.

  3. Open a command prompt, and navigate to the directory where Setup.exe is located. Setup.exe is located in the SMSSetup\Bin\I386 directory on the Configuration Manager 2007 installation media. To open a command prompt, click Start, click Run, type cmd in the Run Dialog Box, and then click OK. Alternatively, you could use a batch file (.bat) to launch Setup.exe using the /Script command-line option.

  4. At the command prompt, or from within a batch file, run Setup.exe using the /Script command-line option and specify the path to the initialization file that you created. For example, if you named your setup initialization file ConfigMgrUnattend.ini and saved it in the C:\temp directory of the computer you are running setup on, the command would look like this: Setup /script C:\temp\ConfigMgrUnattend.ini

  5. Review the ConfigMgrSetup.log file, located in the root of the system drive, after installation has completed to verify successful installation, or look for possible causes for installation failures.

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