The Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Mobile Device Client requires 0.78 MB of storage space to install. In addition, mobile device management logging on the mobile device can require 256 KB of storage space. For a complete list of the mobile device platforms supported by Configuration Manager 2007, see Configuration Manager Supported Configurations.

Certification Authority Support for Windows Mobile 5 and Earlier

Windows Mobile 5 and earlier mobile devices must use a certification authority (CA) on Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008 to enroll certificates. For more information about certificates for mobile devices, see About Native Mode Certificates for Mobile Device Clients.

Using Windows Server 2008 for Native Mode Mobile Device Management

The certification authority (CA) in Windows Server 2008 does not support Configuration Manager 2007 mobile device certificate enroller certificate requests from Windows Mobile 5 and earlier mobile devices. To enroll a certificate for Windows Mobile 5.0 and earlier mobile devices for native mode mobile device management by using the certificate enroller included in Configuration Manager 2007, the request should be sent to a Windows Server 2003 CA. Windows Mobile 6 and later device enrollment is supported by the Windows Server 2008 CA. For more information about configuring the CA for mobile device management, see "CertEnrollServer" in Mobile Device Client Configuration Values for the DMCommonInstaller.ini and ClientSettings.ini files located in <installation directory> / DeviceClientDeployment / ClientTransfer directory. For more information about certificate enroller support in Windows Server 2008, see article 922706 in the Microsoft Knowledge Base (

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