Each feature in Configuration Manager 2007 uses and provides the ability to create objects. In most cases, class and instance security rights can be configured for the object and administrative actions can be run against the object to initiate a process. The following software updates objects are available in the Configuration Manager console:

Object Description


Deployments are used to deploy software updates to clients in the target collection. Deployment objects are replicated to child sites where they are read-only.

Deployment packages

Deployment packages host the software update source files. Deployment package objects are replicated to child sites where they are read-only.

Deployment templates

Deployment templates store many of the deployment properties that might not change from deployment to deployment and are used to save time and ensure consistency when creating deployments.

Search folders

Search folders provide an easy way to retrieve a set of software updates that meet the defined search criteria.

Software updates

Each software update is a configuration item object that is created during the software update synchronization process.

Update lists

Update lists are a fixed set of software updates and can be used for delegated administration and creating software update deployments. There are also several reports that provide information about update lists.

Objects Replicated to Child Sites

Software updates deployment and deployment package objects are replicated from the site where they were created to all child sites in the Configuration Manager hierarchy. Each of the objects replicated to a child site contain read-only properties. Even though the properties for these objects must be modified at the site where they were created, the actions available for deployments at child sites are the same as on the site where they were created and deployment packages can be used to host the software updates that are deployed on the child sites.

Icons for Software Updates Objects

Each software updates object displays an icon in the Configuration Manager console. Depending on the state of the object, there might be different icons for the same software updates object. For example, a software update typically displays an icon with a green arrow, but a software update that has been superseded by another update displays an icon with a yellow arrow. For a complete list of the icons used by software updates objects, see Icon Glossary for Software Updates.

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