Use the Configuration Manager 2007 Add Software Updates dialog box to add downloaded software updates to a deployment. Only software updates that meet the following criteria appear in this dialog box:

To select software update updates that have not been previously downloaded, exit the deployment properties, follow the steps in How to Download Software Updates, and then open the dialog box. The software updates displayed in the results pane can be filtered by using the Look for text box or by navigating to the product name node of the catalog tree. The selected software updates are added to the deployment.

When a software update is added to a deployment that targets both Configuration Manager and SMS 2003 client computers the package source will be updated, the deployment package version will be incremented, and the distribution points configured for the package will be updated. Adding software updates to a deployment that does not deploy software updates to SMS 2003 clients will use the update source files from a deployment package that contains the software updates and the package is not refreshed.

The Add Software Updates dialog box contains the following elements:

Look for

Specifies the filter criteria for the software updates that are displayed. The downloaded updates display that are within the selected catalogs tree node and subnodes, and contain the Look for value for any of the following software update properties:
  • Name

  • Description

  • Category

  • Article ID

  • Bulletin ID

  • Vendor

  • Product

  • Update Classification

  • Unique Update ID

Click Find Now to display the software updates that have properties containing the text entered in the Look for control. Click Find Now without any text to display all downloaded software updates within the selected node and subnodes.
Results pane

Displays the downloaded software updates that are not currently in the deployment and that meet the Look for criteria. The software updates that are selected will be added to the deployment. Highlight the classification, vendor, or the product to display the available updates for the highlighted node and subnodes or use the Look for control to filter the software updates within the selected classifications tree node and subnodes. Select the updates to add to the deployment, and then click OK. There is no limit to the number of software updates that can be in a deployment.Click the Selected Updates node to display the software updates that have been selected.
You might need to refresh the Software Updates / Update Repository node before the latest updates are shown in the results pane.

Saves the changes and exits the dialog box.

Exits the dialog box without saving any changes.

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