The following sections provide an example scenario of how software metering in Configuration Manager 2007 can be implemented to solve the following business requirements:

This scenario demonstrates how customers can use software metering to monitor applications in the enterprise to see where they are being loaded, how often they are being used, and also who is using them.

Woodgrove Bank has deployed Microsoft Office 2007 as its standard office productivity suite. However, to support a legacy application, the bank needs to maintain a number of copies of Microsoft Office Word 2003 on the system. To reduce support and licensing costs, these copies of Word 2003 need to be removed if the legacy application is no longer being used. The bank also needs to identify which users use the legacy application.

John Woods is Woodgrove Bank's IT systems manager. He learns that Configuration Manager 2007 software metering will allow him to accomplish the stated business objectives. He decides to follow this course of action:

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