Topic last updated—November 2007

This topic provides an example of a customer-generated upgrade checklist corresponding to the scenario described in Example Configuration Manager Upgrade Scenario.

This checklist is provided for example purposes only. It is recommended that you create a similar upgrade checklist to assist you in upgrading SMS 2003 sites to Configuration Manager 2007 in your specific environment and according to your individual upgrade requirements and tasks.

Example Checklist

Task Expected Result Installation Details

Verify that hardware meets installation requirements.

Hardware meets at least the minimum supported configuration.

Reference: Configuration Manager Supported Configurations.

Verify that installed operating system(s) meet installation requirements.

Operating system(s) meet at least the minimum supported configuration.

Reference: Configuration Manager Supported Configurations.

Install all required software and services.

Prerequisite software has been installed.

Reference: Prerequisites for Installing Configuration Manager.

Install the latest Operating System software updates.

All critical updates are installed.

Reference: Microsoft Update.

Install the latest SQL Server software updates.

All critical updates are installed.

Reference: Microsoft Update.

Ensure there is adequate disk space for site server installation.

Hard disk free space available for site server upgrade.

Reference: Configuration Manager Supported Configurations.

Disk space requirements for site database upgrade (estimated 2 MB additional space per client).

Estimated additional disk space requirement (estimated 2 MB per client).

Configure SQL Server properly to host the site database.

SQL Server is properly prepared for the SMS 2003 site database upgrade.

Reference: SQL Server Preparation for Setup.

Test the existing SMS 2003 site database using the testdbupgrade Setup command-line option.

The site database upgrade test is successful.

Reference: How to Test the Site Database Upgrade Process.

Configure SMS 2003 sites to require secure key exchange before beginning the upgrade process.

If the Active Directory schema has not been extended (either for SMS 2003 or Configuration Manager) or the site is not configured to publish site data to Active Directory Domain Services, you must manually exchange public keys between sites when secure key exchange is required.

Secure key exchange successfully enabled for all sites to be upgraded.

Reference: Site Properties Advanced tab.

About the Secure Key Exchange Parameters

How to Manually Exchange Public Keys Between Sites

Configure any new site system computers with the appropriate permissions to allow site system installation.

Permissions properly configured on all computers that will host site system roles. The primary site server computer account requires local administrative rights on remote management point and SQL Server site database servers.

Reference: Configuration Manager Site System Planning.

Apply Active Directory schema extensions (if applicable).

Active Directory schema has been extended for Configuration Manager.

Reference: Decide If You Should Extend the Active Directory Schema

Extending the Active Directory Schema for Configuration Manager

Run the Setup Prerequisite Checker on site systems.

Run from the splash screen independently of Setup Wizard on site system computers.

Reference: About the Setup Prerequisite Checker.

Resolve any errors or warnings identified by the Setup Prerequisite Checker (if applicable).

All prerequisite check errors and warnings resolved.

Reference: Setup Prerequisite Checks.

Manually download updated client installation prerequisite files (if the site servers to be upgraded will not have Internet connectivity).

Updated client installation prerequisite files downloaded successfully and stored where the site servers will be able to access them during site setup.

Reference: Prerequisite Component Update Checker.

Restart site system computers.

No files are flagged as pending restart before beginning the installation process.

Use the Configuration Manager Setup Wizard to upgrade the central site server.

Successful site installation.

Reference: Custom Setup Overview

Configuration Manager In-Place Upgrade

Verify that all site systems have been upgraded (uninstalled and reinstalled) successfully.

If applicable: Ensure the existing SMS 2003 version of the ITMU is successfully upgraded to support SMS 2003 clients in the hierarchy.

Site systems upgraded successfully, and site status is green.

Reference: Site Status Home Page.

Use Configuration Manager Setup to upgrade child primary and secondary sites.

All sites successfully upgraded.

Reference: Custom Setup Overview

Configuration Manager 2007 Upgrade Checklist

Configuration Manager In-Place Upgrade

Configuration Manager Side-By-Side Upgrade

Upgrading Secondary Sites

Install new site systems as necessary.

If applicable: Install WSUS 3.0, and configure software update point synchronization to support software updates for SMS 2003 clients as they are upgraded to the Configuration Manager client version.

All required site systems installed and configured successfully.

Reference: How to Configure Site Systems

How to Configure Site System Roles

Run Configuration Manager Setup Wizard to upgrade existing SMS 2003 Administrator consoles.

Administrator consoles upgraded successfully.

Reference: Custom Setup Overview

How to Upgrade an SMS 2003 Administrator Console

Select a client deployment method to upgrade, and if necessary, re-assign clients to new sites.

All clients successfully upgraded.

Reference: Tasks for Installing Configuration Manager Clients

Perform post-upgrade checks.

The upgraded site is functioning normally and configured for use.

Reference: Configuration Manager Post Setup Considerations.

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