Topic last updated -- August 2007

This section provides troubleshooting information to help you resolve problems when importing configuration data fails.

For more information about importing configuration data, such as Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Configuration Packs, see the following:

Importing Configuration Data Results in a Failed Message

Potential reasons why importing configuration data might fail are the following:

  • The configuration data references configuration data that Configuration Manager cannot locate, either in its database or in the cabinet file itself.

  • The configuration data is already present in the Configuration Manager database with the same name and configuration data version, but has a different content version.

  • A newer version of the configuration data with same name is already present (or has recently been deleted) in the Configuration Manager database.

  • The configuration data is already present in the Configuration Manager database with the same content version, but the hash calculation identifies it as being different.

  • In a multi-site Configuration Manager hierarchy, the configuration data was originally imported from a parent site. You must update it from the same site and not a child site.

For more information about configuration data versions and content versions, see About Content Versions in Desired Configuration Management.


Check for the scenarios listed above and resolve them before re-attempting to import. There are no workarounds for these issues.

Use the SMS Provider log file for more detailed information of why the import process failed. This file is named smsprov.log and is located in the folder <ConfigMgrInstallationPath>\Logs on the computer hosting the SMS Provider.

By default, the SMS Provider is installed on the primary site's site server computer, but it can be moved to another computer. To find which server has the SMS Provider installed, reference the SMS Provider location value on the Site Properties: General Tab.

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