The Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Mobile Device Management feature uses packages to distribute software to mobile device clients. Software can be deployed to mobile devices managed by Configuration Manager in much the same way software is distributed to computer clients.

Although Configuration Manager enables you to easily install software on multiple mobile devices, you must still follow the licensing agreements for any commercial software you use.

Distributing software to mobile devices requires the following steps:

Individual wizards are available to complete each of these tasks individually but the Distribute Software to Devices Wizard includes steps for the entire process.


To distribute software to mobile devices clients requires the following:


Use the following procedure to open the Distribute Software to Devices Wizard:

To open the Distribute Software to Devices Wizard

  1. In the Configuration Manager console, navigate to System Center Configuration Manager / Site Database / Computer Management / Software Distribution / Packages.

  2. Right-click Packages, navigate to Distribute, and then click Software to Devices. The Distribute Software to Devices Wizard opens.

  3. Follow the steps of the Distribute Software to Devices Wizard to distribute software to mobile devices.

All .cab files to be distributed to Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 and newer mobile devices must be signed before distribution. Microsoft Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2003 does not support running signed .cab files. Signed .cab files distributed to Pocket PC 2003 mobile devices will fail to run.
Programs for desktop computers cannot run programs on mobile devices.

When the distributed package is downloaded and run on a mobile device, the software will be installed. A cabinet file (.cab) will be left in the \Temp folder on the mobile device. The size of the file will depend upon the size of the file distributed to the mobile devices. For more information about the Distribute Software to Devices Wizard, see Distribute Software to Devices Wizard.

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