Topic last updated—January 2008

An unprovisioned computer is a computer that has been discovered by the Configuration Manager 2007 operating system deployment task sequence as an unknown computer but has not yet installed a Configuration Manager 2007 client. When deploying an operating system to an unknown computer using a task sequence, the unknown computer is assigned an SMS unique identifier and added to the unprovisioned computers node. After the operating system has been deployed and a Configuration Manager 2007 client has been installed, the computer is removed from the unprovisioned computer node. If the task sequence is not successfully completed for some reason, the computer will remain in this node.

The information in this topic applies only to Configuration Manager 2007 R2 and Configuration Manager 2007 R3.

The unprovisioned computers that have been discovered are displayed in a list in the Unprovisioned Computers properties pane. The Name column is used for the default sort order. The following columns are displayed by default:

You can filter the unprovisioned computers that are displayed in the Unprovisioned Computers pane by using the four filter actions located above the list.

Look For

Enter all or part of a device driver name, or use the drop-down list to select from existing filter criteria.

Select the column to use when applying the filter criteria.
Find Now

Click Find Now to run the filter.

Click Clear to remove the filter and display the entire list.

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