You deploy multiple Configuration Manager 2007 sites to create a hierarchical structure. Plan the order in which you will deploy and attach sites, thereby creating data flow between the sites in a hierarchy branch. Before you install a secondary site, you must first install the parent primary site. After installing primary sites, you must configure site-to-site communications and then join the sites into a hierarchy. The site communication between a secondary site and its parent primary site is configured during secondary site installation.

When deploying multiple sites to create the Configuration Manager 2007 site hierarchy, you must first properly configure site-to-site communications and then set the parent site for child primary sites.

In This Section

Mandatory Tasks

You must perform the following tasks when deploying multiple Configuration Manager 2007 sites:

Configure Site Communications:

How to Prepare Servers for Senders

Network connectivity, such as local area network (LAN) protocols or Microsoft Remote Access Service, must already be installed and configured correctly before installing senders.
How to Install Configuration Manager Senders

Describes how to install Configuration Manager senders.
How to Create Configuration Manager Site Addresses

Describes how to create Configuration Manager addresses.
Create the Configuration Manager Site Hierarchy

How to Join Primary Sites into a Hierarchy

Describes how to join primary sites into a hierarchy.

Optional Tasks

Although you do not need to perform the following tasks when deploying multiple site hierarchies, depending on your environment, you might choose to do so:

How to Connect the Configuration Manager Console to a Different Site

Describes how to start the Site Database Connection Wizard to connect a Configuration Manager console to a specified Configuration Manager primary site.
How to Install a Secondary Site

Describes the various methods used to install secondary sites.
How to Manually Exchange Public Keys Between Sites

Describes the process used to manually exchange public keys between sites.
How to Verify Successful Secondary Site Installation

Describes how to verify that a secondary site installation has been successful.
How to Install a Proxy Management Point at a Secondary Site

Describes how to configure a proxy management point at a secondary site to aid in client communications.
How to Verify Successful Proxy Management Point Installation

Describes how to verify successful proxy management point installation for a secondary site.