Use the Restart Computer task sequence step to restart the computer running the task sequence. After the restart, the computer will automatically continue with the next step in the task sequence. This task sequence action can be run in either a standard operating system or the Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE). For information about task sequence variables for this task sequence action, see Restart Computer Task Sequence Action Variables.

You can configure the following settings:


A short user-defined name that describes the action taken in this step.

More detailed information about the action taken in this step.
The boot image assigned to this task sequence

Select this option for the target computer to use the boot image that is assigned to the task sequence. The boot image will be used to run subsequent task sequence steps that should run in Windows PE.
The currently installed default operating system

Select this option for the target computer to reboot into the installed operating system.
Notify the user before restarting

Select this option to display a notification to the user that the computer will be restarted. This option is selected by default.
Notification message

Enter a notification message that will be displayed to the user before the computer is restarted.
Message display time-out

Specify the amount of time in seconds that a user will be given before the computer is restarted. The default amount of time is sixty (60) seconds.

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