Use the WiFi Settings Properties: Authentication tab of the Configuration Manager 2007 configuration item properties dialog box to specify the default VPN settings to distribute to mobile devices. Depending upon the preceding selections, some options may not be available.

Specify the name and description of the configuration item to be distributed to mobile devices.

Authentication type

Specifies the authentication protocol. Options include:
  • Open authentication

  • Shared authentication

  • WiFi Protected Access (WPA)

  • WPA with pre-shared key (PSK)

Encryption type

Specifies whether encryption is wired equivalent privacy (WEP) or disabled.
The key is provided automatically

Specifies whether the authentication key is sent automatically.
Enable network access using IEEE 802.1x

Specifies whether port-based, network access control standards are used for authentication.
EAP Type

Specifies whether smart card/certificate or protected extensible authentication protocol (EAP) is used for authentication.

Saves the changes and exits the dialog box.

Exits the dialog box without saving any changes.

Saves the changes and remains in the dialog box.

Opens the help topic for this tab of the dialog box.

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