The Remote Tools feature in Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 introduces a number of changes from the version found in Systems Management Server 2003. These changes are designed to provide the following improvements:

New Remote Tools Agent

Configuration Manager 2007 includes a new remote tools agent which uses the Microsoft RDP protocol. This is a standard protocol used for applications such as Remote Desktop and Remote Assistance. The RDP protocol is supported on client computers running Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server and above. The following levels of access are supported by the new remote tools agent:

  • No access

  • View only

  • Full control

Windows 2000 Remote Tools Agent

The Microsoft RDP protocol is currently not supported on computers running Windows 2000. To support Configuration Manager 2007 client computers running Windows 2000, a modified version of the SMS 2003 remote tools agent is included. The following levels of access are supported by the Windows 2000 remote tools agent:

  • No access

  • Full control

Remote Tools UI

The following options are no longer included in the Configuration Manager 2007 remote tools:

  • Reboot

  • Chat

  • File transfer

  • Remote execute

  • Windows 98 diagnostics

  • Ping


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