The following checklists provide a generalized path in Configuration Manager 2007 to the process of distributing software to client resources.

Prior to distributing software to your clients, you need to complete the following tasks:

Step Reference

Configure the default software distribution component settings if necessary.

How to Configure Software Distribution Components

Configure the Advertised Programs Client Agent.

How to Configure the Advertised Programs Client Agent

Designate one or more distribution points to provide clients with access to software distribution packages.

How to Designate a Distribution Point

How to Deploy a Branch Distribution Point

Prepare collections of clients.

About Collections

How to Create a Collection

Ensure that administrators and users have sufficient rights to run the programs you advertise.

How to Configure Package Access Accounts

How to Assign Rights for Objects to Users and Groups

Each time you distribute software to your clients, you must do the following:

Step Reference

Create a package source directory.

How to Set Up a Package Source Directory

Create a package.

How to Create a Package

How to Create a Package from a Package Definition File

Create one or more programs for that package.

How to Create a Program

Specify distribution points from which clients can access the package.

This is normally done while creating a package, but it can be done separately for an existing package.

How to Send a Package to Distribution Points

If using a branch distribution point for client access to packages, specify which ones will be used for client access.

As with standard distribution points, this is normally done when creating a package, but several options are available with branch distribution points.

How to Prestage Packages on a Branch Distribution Point

How to Configure On-Demand Package Distribution to a Branch Distribution Point

Create an advertisement for the program.

How to Create an Advertisement

If the advertisement is mandatory (assigned), do the following:

  • Specify the assignment schedule.

  • Specify whether it will enable Wake On LAN.

  • Specify how it will interact with maintenance windows.

How to Assign a Mandatory Advertisement

Overview of Wake On LAN

About Maintenance Windows

Monitor program and advertisement status as needed.

How to View the Status of A Package

How to View the Status of an Advertisement

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