Configuration Manager senders can only be installed on site server computers with only one sender of each type installed on a single site server system. Network connectivity, such as local area network (LAN) protocols or Microsoft Remote Access Service (RAS), must already be installed and configured correctly before installing senders.

To install a sender, you must have Modify permissions for the site object type or for the individual site where you want to install the sender.


To install a Configuration Manager sender

  1. In the Configuration Manager console, navigate to System Center Configuration Manager / Site Database / Site Management / <site code> - <site name> / Site Settings / Senders.

  2. Right-click Senders and then click New.

  3. Select the type of sender that you want to install.

  4. To finish installing the sender, complete the General and Advanced tabs of the sender properties.

A courier sender is installed and configured by default on all primary and secondary sites. The courier sender cannot be installed from the Configuration Manager console. To use the courier sender for software distribution package transfers, you must choose the courier sender as the preferred sender on the Distribution Settings tab of the Package Properties dialog box to send parcels using this sender.

To use the courier sender

  1. On the Start menu, click Programs.

  2. Click Configuration Manager 2007, and then click Configuration Manager Courier Sender.

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