To support Wake On LAN in Configuration Manager 2007, computer network cards must support the standard Magic Packet format, which is supported on all network cards that have the Windows Logo certification. Additionally, most newer network cards support the standard Magic Packet format. Refer to the documentation or contact the supplier or vendor to confirm whether Wake On LAN is supported on the motherboard and network card and to learn how to configure it.

You can use a network analyzer, such as Microsoft Network Monitor, to verify whether wake-up packets successfully traverse your network infrastructure and reach the computers' network segment. Attach a network hub to the target computer's network port, and connect to the hub both the target computer and the computer from which you will capture network packets with a network analyzer.

The packet format for a wake-up packet as represented in hexadecimal format is as follows:

FF FF FF FF FF FF followed by 16 repetitions of the target computer's MAC address

If you cannot see this packet on the same network segment as the target computer, and you have confirmed the hardware support and configuration on the computer, check the following:

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