Use the Subnets tab of the Configuration Manager 2007 Network Discovery Properties dialog box to specify the subnets for Configuration Manager to search during discovery.

The Subnets tab contains the following elements:

Subnets to search

Specifies the subnets that you want to search during Network Discovery.The following options are available for managing the subnets searched during a Network Discovery run:
  • New icon: Opens the New Subnet Properties dialog box to add subnet information to the discovery polling list and to initially enable the specific subnet search.

    Specifying a subnet does not guarantee that it will be searched, as this is influenced by the number of router hops selected. For more information, see About Router Hops in Network Discovery.
  • Property icon: Opens the <Name> Subnet Properties dialog box to view or modify subnet information for a specific subnet from the discovery polling list.

  • Delete icon: Removes the selected subnet from the discovery polling list. If Network Discovery has discovered resources in the subnet, it cannot be deleted.

    If a subnet was found by Network Discovery rather than being added by the administrator, it will reappear in the displayed list when this dialog box is reopened.
  • Enable/Disable icon: Enables or disables the selected subnet for Network Discovery.

The following columns are displayed for each subnet in the discovery polling list:
  • Subnet: Specifies a subnet number in IP format (for example: This number can contain wildcards.

    When Network Discovery discovers resources in a subnet, that subnet is designated with a lock icon. These subnets cannot be deleted, but they can be disabled so that they will not be searched.
  • Mask: Specifies the subnet mask for the subnet number (for example,

  • Name: Specifies the subnet name if it has one.

    Not all subnets have names, and a name is not needed for Network Discovery to work.
  • Search: Specifies whether the subnet will be searched the next time Network Discovery runs. Available options are Enabled and Disabled.

Search local subnets

Specifies whether subnets containing the server running Network Discovery will be searched. This option will be enabled by default.

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