Topic last updated—January 2008

If you determine that you can upgrade an existing Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 primary site directly to Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007, you can perform an in-place upgrade. When you upgrade a site to Configuration Manager 2007 using the in-place upgrade method, the site server and its site systems do not change their site server roles. Also, existing clients do not change their site assignments when the site is upgraded.

In some scenarios, it is supported to upgrade a site from evaluation version software. For example, you can run Configuration Manager 2007 Setup to upgrade an existing Configuration Manager 2007 site running evaluation version software. However, you cannot upgrade an existing SMS 2003 site with the Configuration Manager 2007 evaluation version software.. For more information, see the supported upgrade paths in the applicable version of Configuration Manager Supported Configurations.

After upgrading the primary site, you must upgrade each remote SMS Administrator console to the Configuration Manager console. You cannot access a Configuration Manager 2007 site using an SMS 2003 Administrator console.

SMS 2003 primary sites cannot be managed by a Configuration Manager console installed on a Configuration Manager primary site server. If the site to be upgraded is a parent site to one or more SMS 2003 primary sites, ensure that you have installed a remote SMS 2003 Administrator console to manage those sites.

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