Use the Configuration Manager 2007 Import Configuration Data Wizard to import configuration items and configuration baselines from cabinet (.cab) files. These files can contain information about configuration data from one of the following sources:

The files you choose to import will be validated for a digital signature and for the correct content format. You will be prompted to Run or Don't Run if the file does not have a valid digital signature or the publisher is untrusted. The wizard will validate the format of the files to import and reject files if they contain configuration data in an invalid format.

Once successfully imported, configuration items will be displayed in the Configuration Items node and can then be viewed, edited, and included in configuration baselines. Configuration baselines that are successfully imported will be displayed in the Configuration Baselines node and can then be viewed, edited, and included in other configuration baselines.

You might need to run the Refresh action before new configuration baselines are displayed in the Configuration Baselines node.

The Choose Files page contains the elements described in the following table:

UI Element List

Action Description

Files containing configuration items or configuration baselines::

Displays the Name, Date Modified, and Size of selected files to import. To add new files to import, click Add. To remove selected files displayed, click them and then click Delete.


Displays the Open dialog box in which you can select the configuration data file to import.


Deletes the selected configuration files, without prompting, so that they will not be imported.


Goes to the next page of the wizard.


Goes to the Summary page of the wizard.


Discards the settings and exits the wizard.