Use this tab to configure how users are notified when their computer is being accessed remotely. You can specify whether users can change these notification settings in the Remote Tools Client Agent Properties: General Tab.

The settings specified in this tab are downloaded to client computers according the Policy Polling Interval in the Computer Client Agent Properties (by default, every 60 minutes).

These settings apply only to Configuration Manager 2007 remote tools. They do not apply to remote assistance or remote desktop sessions initiated from the Configuration Manager console.
Display a visual indicator

Displays a visual indicator on the client computer to indicate that a remote tools session is in progress.
Show status icon on taskbar

The visual indicator is a remote tools icon which appears in the taskbar of the client computer.
Show indicator on desktop

The visual indicator is a small remote tools indicator window on the desktop of the client computer.
Play a sound

Plays an audible indicator that sounds on the client computer during a remote tools session at the times you specify.
When session begins and ends

Plays a sound on the client computer only when a Remote Tools session begins or ends.
Repeatedly during session

Plays a sound repeatedly on the client computer during the remote tools session.

Saves the changes and exits the dialog box.

Exits the dialog box without saving any changes.

Saves the changes and remains in the dialog box.

Opens the help topic for this tab of the dialog box.

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