Use the Requirements tab of the Configuration Manager 2007 Software Distribution <Program Name> Properties dialog box to specify program requirements, including the client platforms on which the program will run, estimated disk space and run time for the program, and any additional requirements.

The Requirements tab contains the following elements:

Estimated disk space

Specifies the amount of disk space that the software program requires to run on the computer. This can be specified as Unknown (the default setting) or as a whole number greater than or equal to zero. If a value is specified, units for the value must also be specified.On client computers, the specified value appears in Run Advertised Programs in the Control Panel.
Maximum allowed run time

Specifies the maximum time (in minutes) that the program is expected to run on the client computer. This can be specified as Unknown or as a whole number greater than zero. By default, this value is set to 120 minutes.
If you are using maintenance windows for the collection on which this program is run, a conflict may occur if the Maximum allowed run time is longer than the scheduled maintenance window. If the maximum run time is set to Unknown, the program will start during the maintenance window, but will continue to run until it completes or fails after the maintenance window is closed. As a result, programs with a maximum run time set to Unknown may run past the end of their maintenance windows. If the maximum run time is set by the user to a specific period (that is, not set to Unknown) that exceeds the length of any available maintenance window, then that program will not be run. For more information, see About Maintenance Windows.
It is not recommended that you set this value to Unknown because this value is used for two important purposes:
  • To monitor the results of the program.

  • To determine if a program will be launched when maintenance windows have been defined on the client computers.

If the value is set as Unknown, Configuration Manager 2007 evaluates the maximum allowed run time as 12 hours (720 minutes) for monitoring progress. To determine if the program can be started, a value of Unknown is evaluated as having a run time of 0 (zero) minutes, and the program will be started as long as the countdown duration does not exceed the maintenance window value.
If the maximum run time (whether set by the user or as the default value) is exceeded, Configuration Manager 2007 will stop the program if it is set to run with administrative rights and the allow users to interact with this program setting is not selected.
If the program itself is not stopped, Configuration Manager 2007 stops monitoring the program after the maximum allowed run time is exceeded. This allows Configuration Manager 2007 to continue with other software distribution functions, such as running other advertised programs. As a result, Configuration Manager does not:
  • Stop the program.

  • Free up any drives that have been mapped for the advertised program.

  • Free up any network connections made for the advertised program.

  • Remove security rights granted to the Client Token account, if any.

  • Free up operating system resources used by Configuration Manager when running advertised programs.

On client computers, the specified value for published programs appears in Run Advertised Programs in Control Panel and helps the user decide if and when to run the advertised program.
This program can run on any platform

Specifies whether the program can run on any available operating system platforms. If this option is selected, Configuration Manager 2007 does not check the platform type when advertising the program to clients. By default, this option is selected.
This program can run only on specified client platforms

Specifies whether the program can be run only on specific processors, operating systems, or service packs. When this option is selected, at least one platform from the accompanying list must also be selected.
Additional requirements

Specifies any additional requirement information for clients, up to 127 characters. For example, you can notify users that they should shut down all other applications before running the program. This field is optional. If specified, the text appears on client computers in Run Advertised Programs in Control Panel.

Saves any changes and exits the dialog box.

Exits the dialog box without saving any changes.

Saves any changes and remains in the dialog box.

Opens the help topic for this tab of the dialog box.

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