Use the Distribution Settings tab of the Configuration Manager 2007 Software Distribution <Package Name> Properties dialog box to specify the sender and priority to use when sending this package to another site, as well as to specify your branch distribution point content settings.

The Distribution Settings tab contains the following elements listed in the following table.

Sending priority

Specifies the priority of this package when sent to another site. Three priorities are available:
  • High

  • Medium (default setting)

  • Low

Packages are sent in priority order, and packages with identical priorities are sent in order of creation.
Preferred sender

Specifies the sender to be used to send this package to other sites. You can specify any sender configured for the site or No Preference (the default setting), which uses any available sender.
To use Courier Sender to distribute packages, you must select it as the preferred sender.
Automatically download content when packages are assigned to branch distribution points

Specifies that the package will be automatically downloaded to all branch distribution points that are selected as distribution points for the package. This is the default option. The other option available is to have the administrator manually copy the package to the branch distribution point.When this option is selected, the following additional option is available:
  • Make this package available on protected distribution points when requested by clients inside the protected boundaries: Specifies whether the package is available for download to a branch distribution point that has not already been specifically designated as a distribution point when requested by a client located within the protected boundaries of that branch distribution point. If this option is selected, a client request will cause the local branch distribution point to download the package. After the content is successfully provisioned on the branch distribution point, a subsequent client request will be able to download and run this content.

    Download content on demand is available only for protected branch distribution points. If a branch distribution point is configured but not protected, the management point will not trigger the package download.
Administrator manually copies this package to branch distribution points

Specifies that the administrator must manually copy this package to the branch distribution points. It will not be automatically downloaded.
Allow this package to be transferred via multicast

Enables this package to be transferred via multicast. Multicast conserves network bandwidth by simultaneously sending data to multiple clients rather than sending the data to each client over a separate connection. Multicast is supported only for run command-line actions that are part of a task sequence during the WinPE phase of an operating system deployment. This setting will not apply to other software distribution packages.Applies only to Configuration Manager 2007 R2 or later.
Encrypt packages when transferred via multicast

Specifies that the package will be sent encrypted when sent via multicast. Applies only to Configuration Manager 2007 R2 or later.
Only transfer this package via multicast

Specifies that this package can only be sent using multicast.
To ensure that a .wim package is transferred only using multicast for operating system deployment in Configuration Manager 2007 R2, configure the distribution point properties of the advertised task sequence that references the .wim package.
Applies only to Configuration Manager 2007 R2 or later.

Saves the changes and exits the dialog box.

Exits the dialog box without saving any changes.

Saves the changes and remains in the dialog box.

Opens the help topic for this tab of the dialog box.

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