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This topic provides sample scenarios for planning and deploying a new installation of Configuration Manager.

Preplanning for New Configuration Manager Installations

The following scenario demonstrates how customers can complete the necessary preplanning phase before beginning the planning or deployment phases for new Configuration Manager installations.

In this example, Don, the project manager of Woodgrove Bank, assigned individual roles and responsibilities to all team members during the planning team’s project kickoff meeting to discuss the project and its goals. They also set business objectives, technical objectives, and project milestones.

Process Reference

The planning team analyzes Woodgrove Bank’s technical needs and identifies their business objectives for deploying Configuration Manager.

Don meets with key members to ensure a thorough understanding of Woodgrove Bank’s network and computing environment and that it was properly documented.

Don develops a test lab closely resembling the production environment by using the supporting documentation.

Configuration Manager Preplanning Phase

Configuration Manager Preplanning Worksheets

Planning for New Configuration Manager Installations

The following scenario demonstrates how customers can complete the necessary planning steps before beginning the deployment phase of new Configuration Manager installations.

During the planning phase, Don’s team had the following major goals:

  • Complete the required planning documentation requirements.

  • Define and validate a proposed hierarchy design. This design must include planning for the Configuration Manager features to support the business and technical goals defined in the preplanning phase, as well as the hardware and software requirements for the proposed design.

  • Identify and coordinate with installation and support teams who are required to complete the deployment process but are not part of the planning team.

  • Prepare an overall project deployment plan and schedule.

Process Reference

Don completes the documentation requirements for the Configuration Manager specific planning to begin the hierarchy-planning process.

Configuration Manager Planning Checklist

Configuration Manager Planning Worksheets

Don’s team learns more about Configuration Manager through the online documentation to aid in their planning.

The team decides on the initial hierarchy design and the features they require to support their business and technical objectives, as defined in the preplanning phase.

Fundamentals of Configuration Manager 2007

What Do You Want To Do?

Configuration Manager Planning and Deployment Overview

Configuration Manager Single Site Planning and Deployment

Configuration Manager Tasks for Planning a Single Site

Choose Between Primary Sites, Secondary Sites, and Branch Distribution Points

Configuration Manager Tasks for Planning Multiple Sites

Don decides to deploy Configuration Manager native mode sites to create the most secure management environment possible after discussing the different site mode options for Configuration Manager with key players on his team.

Configuration Manager Site Modes

Choose between Native Mode and Mixed Mode

Don’s team identified needed hardware and software upgrades as part of their planning by comparing their existing infrastructure to the infrastructure required to support their Configuration Manager site hierarchy plan.

Configuration Manager Supported Configurations

Prerequisites for Installing Configuration Manager

Don identifies the administrators external to the planning team that are needed to assist in the deployment process and begins early coordination with them. He begins discussions on the following:

  • Extending the Active Directory schema for Configuration Manager.

  • Ensuring that the required SQL Server instances would be available and configured properly to support the deployment goals.

  • The necessary prerequisites were met for deploying a native mode site.

Extending the Active Directory Schema for Configuration Manager

Configuration Manager Site Database Overview

Prerequisites for Native Mode

The last step in the planning phase for Don’s team is to create a schedule and a detailed deployment project plan for their proposed Configuration Manager 2007 hierarchy deployment.

Configuration Manager Planning Phase

Deploying a New Configuration Manager Installation

The following scenario demonstrates how customers can complete the necessary deployment phase of new Configuration Manager installations.

The planning team’s goal for deploying Configuration Manager in their production environment was to perform a swift and successful deployment with minimum interruption to Woodgrove Bank’s users.

Process Reference

Don’s team learns more about Configuration Manager deployment processes by reading the online documentation to begin the hierarchy deployment process.

Configuration Manager Tasks for Deploying a Single Site

Configuration Manager Tasks for Deploying Multiple Sites

Configuration Manager Deployment Checklist

Don tests and validates the deployment plan in the test lab using the simple Setup option.

The results of the test lab deployment are analyzed for any necessary changes or refinement to the deployment plan.

Test lab created during the preplanning phase.

Simple Setup Overview

How to Deploy a Site Using Simple Setup

Because native mode was selected as the site mode for their new installation, Don ensures that Ray deployed the necessary PKI infrastructure required before beginning the production deployment.

Deploying the PKI Certificates Required for Native Mode

Administrator Checklist: Deploying the PKI Requirements for Native Mode

Step-By-Step Example Deployment of the PKI Certificates Required for Configuration Manager Native Mode: Windows Server 2003 Certification Authority

After refining the deployment plan with test lab deployment results, Don begins the deployment by conducting a small pilot project using the custom setup option.

Using the documentation previously created during the planning phase and the results of the pilot project, Don creates a checklist to follow when installing a new site.

During the production environment deployment, Don closely monitors help desk call activity to ensure that users are not adversely affected during the deployment.

A small, controlled segment of the production network.

Custom Setup Overview

How to Deploy a Site Using Custom Setup

Example Configuration Manager Installation Checklist

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