You can manually install the Configuration Manager 2007 client software on computers in your enterprise by using the CCMSetup.exe executable. This executable and its supporting files can be found in the Client folder of the Configuration Manager 2007 installation folder on the site server and on management points in your site. This folder is shared to the network as <Site Server Name>\SMS_<Site Code>\Client.

CCMSetup.exe copies all necessary installation prerequisites to the client computer and calls client.msi to perform the client installation.

In Configuration Manager 2007, you cannot run client.msi directly.
If you are installing the Configuration Manager Client to workgroup computers you should publish the management point information in Domain Name System (DNS) to support clients in an IPv6 environment.

You can specify command line properties for both CCMSetup.exe and client.msi to modify the behavior of the client installation. For example, if you specify the command line CCMSetup.exe /mp:SMSMP01 /logon SMSSITECODE=AUTO FSP=SMSFP01, then the client installation would use the following properties:

Property Description


Specifies the management point SMSMP01 to download the necessary client installation files.


Specifies that the installation should stop if an existing Configuration Manager 2007 or SMS 2003 client is found on the computer.


Specifies that the client should determine its Configuration Manager 2007 site code by using Active Directory or the server locator point.


Specifies that the fallback status point named SMSFP01 will be used to receive state messages sent from the client computer.

A full list of client installation properties can be found in the topic About Configuration Manager Client Installation Properties.

If the Active Directory Schema is extended for Configuration Manager 2007 and Publish this site in Active Directory Domain Services is selected in the Advanced tab of the Site Properties dialog box then client computers will automatically search Active Directory for installation properties.

CCMSetup.exe requires administrative rights to the client computer. If the user running CCMSetup.exe does not have administrative privileges, then the installation will fail.

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