When client computers in Configuration Manager 2007 have downloaded assigned configuration baselines and reported their compliance to their assigned site, you can run the following report to view the compliance information for a specified configuration item: Summary compliance by configuration item.

Follow this procedure to view the compliance information for a specified configuration item.

To view the compliance of a configuration item by running a report

  1. In the Configuration Management console, navigate to System Center Configuration Manager / Site Database / Computer Management / Reporting / Reports.

  2. In the Reports node, click the Category column to sort the reports so that you can more easily find the reports relating to desired configuration management.

  3. Right-click the report Summary compliance by configuration item, and then click Run.

  4. In the Report Information page, type in the name of the configuration item or click Values to select it from a list. Supply additional information for the following fields if you need to refine the information that is returned:

    • Category

    • Configuration Item Version

    • Minimum Severity

  5. Click Display to view the report. The configuration item displays with information such as how many computers were compliant or non-compliant with the configuration item, the number of computers that reported compliance information for this configuration item, and the compliance percentage. You can drill down into the configuration item to view another report (Compliance for a computer by configuration item) for more details about the compliance information for the configuration item on each computer.

  6. Close the report.

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