Configuration Manager 2007 clients are assigned to Configuration Manager 2007 sites based on the boundaries defined for the site. Boundaries are defined by IP subnets, Active Directory site names, IPv6 prefixes, IP ranges or a combination of these.

The boundaries node of the Configuration Manager console displays all boundaries defined for every site in the Configuration Manager 2007 hierarchy beneath the current site. Boundaries defined for SMS 2003 child sites before joining a Configuration Manager 2007 site hierarchy are not editable. To change the boundaries of an SMS 2003 child site, the pre-defined SMS 2003 boundary must be deleted and a new one created from within the Configuration Manager console.

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Boundary Properties: General Tab

The boundary properties general tab is used to configure site boundary settings.
Boundary Properties: Protected Tab

The boundary properties protected tab is used to display all Configuration Manager protected site systems within the site boundary.

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