Use the Windows PE tab to specify device drivers in the driver catalog that should be added to the Windows PE 2.0 boot image.

The Drivers pane displays Windows device drivers that are currently associated with the selected Windows PE image. To add a new driver, click New to open the Select a driver dialog box. The available device drivers are displayed with their associated properties Name, Provider, Class and Digital Signer, and INF file listed at the bottom of the dialog box. Select the device driver you want to add, and then click OK.

The Windows PE tab contains the following elements:

Enable command support (testing only)

Enables command line support for testing purposes only. After command line support is enabled, you can press F8 to open a command shell while the task sequence is running in Windows PE or in the new operating system
Use the default background

Select this option to use the default background bitmap when running Windows PE.
Specify the custom background bitmap(UNC Path)

Select this option to specify a custom background bitmap. The image specified must be in bitmap (bmp) format. The SMS Provider must have read access to the share specified.

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