The subscription step allows you to subscribe to the site database information needed to support site systems configured to access SQL Server replica of the site database from the published site database information located on the SQL Server computer acting as the publisher.

Before starting this procedure, ensure that the pre-replication required tasks have been completed. For more information about pre-replication setup required tasks, see How to Perform Required Pre-Replication Setup Tasks.

The following procedure can be used to configure the SQL Server that will host the SQL Server site database replica.

These procedures must be performed in the SQL Server 2005 SQL Server Management Studio console connected to the SQL Server that will subscribe to the published SQL Server site database information.

To configure the SQL Server subscriber computer

  1. In the SQL Server 2005 SQL Server Management Studio console connected to the SQL Server that will host the site database replica, expand Replication, right click Local Subscriptions and click New Subscriptions…

  2. Click Next on the New Subscription Wizard welcome page (if displayed).

  3. On the Publication page, select the SQL Server computer hosting the site database and configured as the publisher. To select SQL Server computer hosting the site database, select <Find SQL Server Publisher> from Publisher: and connect to the remote SQL Server computer. Select the publication created for the site database.

  4. On the Distribution Agent Location page, select Run each agent at its Subscriber (pull subscription).

  5. On the Subscribers page, Select the SQL Server computer that will host the site database replica and select the database created to host the site database replica from the Subscription Database list.

    If an empty database was not created before this step, you can select <New database…> from the Subscription Database list and create the new database to be used to host the site database replica.
  6. On the Distribution Agent Security page, click and enter the security account settings used for Connection to Distributor and Connection to Subscriber.

  7. On the Synchronization Schedule page, select <Define schedule…> from the Agent Schedule list and set the Frequency to occur Daily. Configure the Daily frequency to occur every 15 minutes.

    Depending on the amount of site database table information to be replicated, you may need to adjust the synchronization frequency to be greater than every 15 minutes.
  8. On the Initialize Subscriptions page, select the defaults (initialize immediately) and click Next.

  9. On the Wizard Actions page, accept the default to Create the subscription and click Next.

  10. On the Complete the Wizard page, review the subscription settings and click Finish.

  11. On the Creating Subscription(s) page, click Close after the subscription has completed successfully.

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