Troubleshooting the deployment of a Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 International Client Pack (ICP) deployment can occur any time during the deployment. Use the following sections to help you troubleshoot the deployment of International Client Packs in Configuration Manager 2007.

Isolate the problem

Monitoring the deployment alerts you to an existing problem, but it might not specify where the problem is occurring. Is it unique to the particular client or server? Can the client or server obtain the files it requires? Is the client or server having problems installing the files?

To isolate the problem, you might have to begin at the point where you see the symptoms and then work your way backward through Configuration Manager 2007 processing. Or, you might have to start at the point where you know everything is working properly and then follow the processing forward. For additional information about isolating problems, see the "Site Server ICP Installation Phases" section in Designing the International Client Pack (ICP) Deployment. It is also recommended that you compare computers that are working properly with those that are not working properly.

Understand the Problem

When you have located where the problem originates, you must try to understand why the problem is occurring. Status messages from the Configuration Manager 2007 status system and log files might give helpful details. You can also try to recreate the conditions causing the problem and then check the Configuration Manager 2007 status system for related error messages. It might be helpful to search the Microsoft Knowledge Base for articles. Check the Release Notes for known issues.

Correct the Cause of the Problem

When you isolate the problem and understand it reasonably well, you can correct it. You might have to adjust your procedures, security constraints, or configuration. Normally, you will not delete files, change registry entries, or perform similar steps, because it might not be practical to do the same manual interventions on all the computers that might be affected by this problem.

If it is not possible to fully understand the problem or isolate it, then you might have to guess what the most likely solutions are and then try each of them. Ensure that solutions you devise do not actually make the problem worse, or create new problems.

If you cannot solve the problem by troubleshooting it yourself, then you might have to call someone else to help. This could include other Configuration Manager 2007 administrators, or product support.

In the worst-case scenario you can restore your backup so that the site is restored to a known good state. However, this is a serious and difficult step that must be accomplished with very detailed instructions that are appropriate for your particular situation. To restore a site that has parent or child sites, use the recovery procedures documented in the backup and recovery section.

Typical Problems

To plan the deployment of a Configuration Manager 2007 ICP, you must decide which issues pertain to your environment, and then plan to minimize the effect of those issues. Consider the issues in the following table:

Problem Potential solution

Bugs might be introduced if you have applied hotfixes that are overwritten by the ICP.

Contact product support to receive the latest ICP containing the corresponding hotfixes.

Customized hardware inventory and custom reports.

Test the reports, and view the hardware inventory. Extended characters might be used and might cause problems with information displayed.

Customized tools or similar programs using the SDK

Ensure your custom programs still work. Test the programs thoroughly in the international environment, ensuring that no bugs are created by dealing with extended characters and double byte characters.

Reports Might Not Display Correctly in Translated Versions

Reports can be run in the results pane of the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) or they can run in separate instances of Internet Explorer. If you configure Configuration Manager 2007 to run the report in the MMC window and you are running a non-English version of Configuration Manager 2007, some of the words in the report might not display correctly.

WORKAROUND    Change the Report Options to Open reports in a new window. For more information, see How to Change Options for Running Reports in the Console.

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