Use the Configuration Manager 2007 ISV Proxy Certificate Registration or Renewal dialog box to register or renew the certificate for the ISV Proxy.

Independent software vendor (ISV) solutions might have specific requirements. Register or renew an ISV Proxy certificate only after you consult the appropriate ISV documentation.

In general, the ISV Proxy certificate and the related Configuration Manager 2007 infrastructure allow an ISV to develop solutions for client platforms that are not directly supported by Configuration Manager 2007. Detailed information regarding the ISV Proxy certificate and its use in client communications can be found in the System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Software Development Kit (SDK).

This dialog box contains the following elements:

Register Certificate for a New ISV Proxy

Specifies the action of registering a certificate for a new ISV Proxy.
Renew Certificate for an Existing ISV Proxy

Specifies the action of renewing a certificate for an existing ISV Proxy.
Certificate Issued To

Lists the ISV Proxy certificates that are available for renewal from the certificate store on the site server so that you can select the certificate to be renewed from the list of certificates displayed.

Specifies the signing certificate for the ISV Proxy. If you have selected the certificate, the dialog box displays either the friendly name of the certificate if the certificate has a friendly name, or <No friendly name> if the selected certificate does not have a friendly name. If you have not yet selected the certificate, click Browse to select it.This certificate is used by the ISV Proxy to sign client communications.

Browses to a specified location so that you can select the ISV Proxy signing certificate.

Saves the changes and exits the dialog box.

Exits the dialog box without saving any changes.

Saves any changes and remains in the dialog box.

Opens the help topic for this dialog box.

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