The following administrator checklist provides information to help you determine what software updates are required by client computers, the required and optional steps for deploying software updates, and how to monitor software update deployments.

Before deploying software updates, you must address certain planning considerations, install and configure external dependencies, install and configure software updates components, and so on. For more information, see Administrator Checklist: Planning and Preparing Software Updates and Administrator Checklist: Configuring Software Updates.

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Determine what software updates are required on client computers by running compliance reports, or by reviewing the Required column on the Software Updates home page, under the Update Repository console tree node, or by creating a search folder that displays required software updates.

Determine What Software Updates to Deploy

Learn about deployment templates and how they can save you time and provide consistency when using them to create software update deployments. Templates can be created for different deployment scenarios and used to automatically populate many of the properties when creating a deployment.

Create deployment templates for the deployment scenarios at the site.

About Deployment Templates in Software Updates

How to Create a Deployment Template

Learn about update lists and why they should be used as part of the deployment workflow, particularly because of the reports available for update lists, how software updates are added to an update list, and how the update list is deployed.

Create an update list with the software updates that need to be deployed.

About Update Lists in Software Updates

How to Create an Update List

How to Use an Update List to Deploy Software Updates

Learn about deployment packages and provisioning distribution points with software updates. Software update files can be provisioned to distribution points prior to creating a deployment. The update files can be downloaded, packaged, and copied to the package shared folder on the distribution points so that they are available when the deployment is created. Software updates downloaded at a child site must be downloaded to a deployment package created at the child site.

Software update source files are downloaded and packaged when creating deployments if the source files have not already been added to a deployment package.

About Software Update Deployment Packages

How to Download Software Updates

Choose whether to enable Network Access Protection (NAP) evaluation on software updates. NAP must already be configured on the site.

How to Configure NAP Evaluation for Software Updates

Plan for and deploy software updates to client computers.

Planning for a Software Update Deployment

How to Deploy Software Updates

Monitor the progress of software update deployments by using state-based deployment reports.

How to Monitor Software Update Deployments

Troubleshoot deployment issues.

Troubleshooting Software Updates Issues

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