Use the Notification tab to specify the type of notification that you receive during a remote control session. These notification settings are applied only when an administrator views your screen and controls your keyboard and mouse.

If your administrator sets this control on a site-wide basis, you might not be able to change the controls on this tab.
Display a visual indicator

Select this check box to display a remote control visual indicator. Then, specify whether to display a status icon on the taskbar or to display a high security indicator on the desktop.
Play a sound

Select this check box to play a sound when a remote control session is in progress. Choose to play the sound when the session begins and ends or repeatedly (every 15 seconds) during the remote control session.
Use Administrator settings

When enabled, the default values that were set by your remote administrator for the remote control session are used. All other controls in the dialog box are changed to reflect the settings that were set by your remote administrator and are unavailable.

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