Performing periodic maintenance is important to ensure proper site operations. Some tasks do not need to be performed during daily or weekly maintenance, but are important to ensure overall site health and security and disaster recovery plans are up to date. A periodic maintenance log should be maintained to document dates that maintenance was conducted, by whom, and any maintenance related comments about the task conducted.

Common Periodic Maintenance Tasks

Some common periodic maintenance tasks are listed below. Add any other maintenance tasks as needed to your periodic maintenance log:

  • Review the security plan for any needed changes.

  • Change accounts and passwords if necessary according to your security plan.

  • Review the maintenance plan to verify that scheduled maintenance tasks are scheduled properly and effectively depending on configured site settings.

  • Review the Configuration Manager 2007 hierarchy design for any needed changes.

  • Check network performance to ensure changes have not been made that affect site operations.

  • Verify Active Directory settings affecting site operations have not changed. For example, you should ensure that subnets assigned to Active Directory sites used as boundaries for a Configuration Manager 2007 site have not changed.

  • Review the disaster recovery plan for any needed changes.

  • Perform a site recovery according to the disaster recovery plan in a test lab using a backup copy of the most recent backup snapshot created by the Backup ConfigMgr Site Server maintenance task.

  • Check hardware for any errors or hardware updates available.

  • Check overall health of site.

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