The following checklist includes the tasks you perform to prepare the Configuration Manager 2007 environment for bare-metal operating system deployments.

Steps Reference

Configure the Configuration Manager 2007 PXE service point.

You must add the PXE service point site role to a server in your Configuration Manager 2007 site.

For more information about establishing a PXE service point site role, see How to Configure the PXE Service Point.

Enable the boot images to allow the command shell for troubleshooting.

You must enable command support for troubleshooting.

Right-click the boot image and click Properties. Click the Windows PE tab, and click Enable Command Support (testing only).

Make the required boot images available on the PXE service point.

You must make the required boot images available on the PXE service point so that they are available to initiate the bare metal operating system deployment.

For more information about adding boot images to a PXE service point, see How to Add Boot Images to the PXE Service Point.

Configure the Network Access Account.

In the Configuration Manager 2007 administrator console, navigate to System Center Configuration Manager / Site Database / Site Management / Site Name / Site Settings / Client Agents.

Right-click Computer Client Agents and click Properties. Click Set, and specify the account that will be used to access Configuration Manager 2007 site resources. The account you specify must have access to the share specified on the PXE service point and any files or directories required by the task sequence.

The Network Access account should not be an administrator on any resource in your Configuration Manager 2007 site. For more information, see About the Network Access Account.

Create the Operating System Deployment Task Sequence.

You must create a task sequence to complete the operating system deployment task. For more information about using task sequences, see How to Manage Task Sequences.

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