The Inventoried File Properties dialog box displays the file or set of files that will be inventoried and sent to the device management point. Wildcard characters may be used to inventory sets of files. For example, *.exe will inventory all file names ending in .exe on the mobile device. Hello?World.dll will inventory all files whose name includes any single character in place of the '?'.


The name of the collected file or files to be inventoried. Wildcard characters can be used to inventory sets of files.

The directory on the client mobile device of the files to be inventoried. To select a location other than the root directory of the mobile device click Set… and specify the directory.
Search subdirectories

Defines whether files in subdirectories of the Location directory will be inventoried. To specify that subdirectories should not be searched click Set… and clear the Search subdirectories checkbox.
Exclude encrypted and compressed files

Defines whether encrypted and compressed files will be included in the inventory of files.

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