The Configuration Manager 2007 Software Distribution <Advertisement Name> Properties dialog box displays information about a specific software distribution advertisement and allows users to configure many settings for that advertisement. This also includes information about the schedule, distribution points, and programs associated with the advertisement.

This dialog box is available by right-clicking the specific advertisement <advertisement name> and then clicking Properties.

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Advertisement Name Properties: General Tab

Specifies general information, including name, package, program, and the collection associated with the specific advertisement selected.
Advertisement Name Properties: Schedule Tab

Specifies schedule information, including start time, expiration, and priority for the specific advertisement selected. Users can also make an advertisement mandatory.
Advertisement Name Properties: Distribution Points Tab

Specifies distribution point settings for this advertisement, including boundary protection and download options.
Advertisement Name Properties: Interaction Tab

Specifies settings that affect how users are notified about and interact with this advertised program.
Properties - Security Tab

Specifies the security rights individual users have on both this class and the specific advertisement selected.

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