The Configuration Manager 2007 R3 Power Settings report displays an aggregated list of power settings used by computers in the specified collection. For each power setting, the possible power modes, values, and units are displayed, together with a count of the number of computers that use those values. This report can be used during the monitoring phase of power management to help the administrator understand the existing power settings used by computers in the site and to help plan optimal power settings to be applied using a power management plan. The report is also useful when troubleshooting to validate that power settings were correctly applied.

The settings displayed are collected from client computers during hardware inventory. Depending on the time at which hardware inventory runs, settings from applied peak or non-peak power plans might be collected.
The information in this topic applies only to Configuration Manager 2007 R3.

Report Parameters

Specify the following required and optional parameters for this report.

Required Parameters for this Report

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Parameter Name Description

Collection name

From the drop-down list, select a collection for this report.

Hidden Parameters for this Report

The following hidden parameters can optionally be specified to change the behavior of this report.

Parameter Name Description


Specify the number of languages in which you want to view power setting names reported by client computers. If you only want to view the most popular language, leave this setting at the default of 1. To view all languages, set this value to 0.

Report Links

This report contains links to the following report which provides further information about the selected item.

Report Name Details

Power Settings Details

Click the number of computers in the Computers column to see a list of all computers that use the power settings in that row.

For more information about this report, see About the Power Settings Details Report for Power Management.

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