You can implement a Configuration Manager 2007 site to support Internet-based client management in the following two ways:

Secondary sites cannot support Internet-based client management.

For more information about server placements for these choices, see Determine Server Placement for Internet-Based Client Management.

When determining how many sites will support Internet-based client management, take into account that clients connecting over the Internet will download content from any of the Internet-based distribution points in the site, regardless of bandwidth or physical location. This behavior might identify the requirement for multiple Internet-based sites in the hierarchy.

For example, if you want specified users to connect only to a specified group of Internet-based distribution points, create an Internet-based site for each group of distribution points and then assign the users to one of the sites as appropriate.

There is no concept of roaming on the Internet. The Internet-based distribution points used by clients when they are on the Internet are determined by the client's assigned site, and not by the connecting client's location. For example, if you assign a client to an Internet-based site in Los Angeles, that client traveling in Japan cannot use Internet-based distribution points from an Internet-based site in Tokyo without first being reassigned to the Tokyo site.

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