In Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007, components are threads, services, and applications that run on both server and client computers and provide Configuration Manager 2007 functionality. Service and thread components perform tasks such as communication for intersite and intrasite connectivity, configuration, resource discovery, client installation, site maintenance, status, site system installation, and reporting.

Service components are Configuration Manager 2007 server programs that run as services. You can stop or start service components in Control Panel by clicking Administrative Tools and then clicking Services.

The number of active service components on each server depends on which Configuration Manager 2007 features you install.

Thread components are Configuration Manager 2007 server components that function as part of the SMS Executive service; they are not services.

Client components process Configuration Manager 2007 client operations. SMS Client Service, which you can start and stop through Control Panel, is the main client service component. Several other client components, such as the Software Inventory Agent, run as their own processes.

If you set up a site hierarchy in which you move one or more components to site systems, the service and thread components that are necessary for those servers will be the only ones installed and started.

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