The Configuration Manager 2007 collections feature provides a set of tools and resources to help you create, update, and otherwise manage resources in your Configuration Manager 2007 site by combining them into logical collections to use while distributing packages, assigning desired configuration management baselines, installing software updates, or accomplishing other Configuration Manager tasks.

For information about using the Configuration Manager 2007 Software Development Kit to script and develop software for this feature, see

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In This Section

About Collections

Provides information about collections themselves, as well as information about the set of predefined collections and the types of collections you can create.
About Subcollections

Provides information about subcollections and creating links between existing collections.
About Resources

Provides information about the objects that are used as resources for collections.
About Collection Membership

Provides information about the methods you can use to create collections in Configuration Manager 2007.
About Membership Rules

Provides information about the different rules you can use to create collections in Configuration Manager 2007.
How Collections are Replicated to Child Sites

Provides information about the behavior of Configuration Manager 2007 collections in a multi-site hierarchy.
About Maintenance Windows

Provides information about maintenance windows, an important collection-based administrative feature for managing package distribution.
About Collection-Specific Settings

Provides information about Configuration Manager 2007 settings that can be configured for specific collections.
Collections Administrator Workflows

Lists the administrator workflows that are available to help you manage collections in Configuration Manager 2007.
About Dynamic Collection Evaluation in Configuration Manager 2007 R3

Provides information about the dynamic collection evaluation feature in Configuration Manager 2007 R3.

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