Use the following log files to help you troubleshooting Wake On LAN in Configuration Manager 2007.

Configuration Manager Site Server Log Files

The Configuration Manager 2007 site server log files related to Wake On LAN are located in the folder <ConfigMgrInstallationPath>\Logs on the site server.

If the following log files are not present, check that Wake On LAN is enabled for the site. For more information, see How to Enable or Disable Wake On LAN for a Site.

Log File Name More Information


Contains information about wake-up procedures such as when to wake up advertisements or deployments that are configured for Wake On LAN.


Contains information about which clients need to be sent wake-up packets, the number of wake-up packets sent and retried.

Configuration Manager Client Log Files

There are no client-side log files for Wake On LAN.

Configuration Manager cannot track the progress of wake-up packets after they are sent, but you can use any network monitoring tool to verify whether wake-up packets successfully traverse your network infrastructure and reach the computers' network segment. For more information, see Determine Whether Wake-Up Packets Traverse the Network for Wake On LAN.

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