Configuration Manager 2007 attempts to match the language of the Configuration Manager 2007 client (dialog boxes, messages to the user, and text displayed in any Configuration Manager 2007 user component) to one of the site server languages supported by Configuration Manager 2007. The client operating system can support many language dialects, Australian English for example. If Configuration Manager 2007 cannot match the client's current language settings directly to a supported language, Configuration Manager 2007 either renders the client interface as closely as possible in a supported version of the language, or installs client software components in U.S. English, unless the client is French. French Configuration Manager 2007 site servers support French clients only.

Localization to local-language character, time, and value display takes place at both the operating system level and within Configuration Manager 2007. At the operating system level, you can change the regional and language options to specify how the system displays characters and formats numbers, currency, and time and date values in accord with language-specific requirements. Users can set the character mapping of the keyboard to various languages.

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