Use the Set Source Directory dialog box in Configuration Manager 2007 to specify the source folder for a package. If you modify the package source folder specified in this dialog box, Configuration Manager 2007 will update all distribution points currently assigned to the package.

The Set Source Directory dialog box contains the following elements:

UI Element List

Source directory location

Specifies the type of location for the package source files. The following options are available:
  • Network path (UNC name): Specifies that the source folder is a network path (for example, \\Green3\Apps\Microsoft\Office97).

    A mapped network drive should not be used as a source for a package source folder. A mapped network drive is usually created using a different account than the system account being used by the Configuration Manager 2007 Distribution Manager, and this will result in the package source folder being unable to be replicated to the distribution point.
  • Local drive on site server: Specifies that the source folder is a logical drive location (for example, C:\Office97). This option is only available if you are running the Configuration Manager console on the site server.

Source directory

Specifies the path to the package source files, up to 127 characters in length.To set a source directory path, type the path or click Browse to navigate to the package source files.
You cannot specify a logical drive that is mapped to a share on another computer. Specify such source directories as a network path.

Saves the changes and exits the dialog box.

Exits the dialog box without saving any changes.

Opens the help topic for the dialog box.

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