To configure a site for operating system deployment, you may need to perform certain tasks depending on the method of deployment you choose.

Click any link in the following section for information about configuring your Configuration Manager 2007 site for operating system deployment.

In This Section

How to Add Images

Contains the steps for adding new operating system images and operating system install packages.
How to Manage the User State

Contains the steps to setup a state migration point and capture and restore the user state.
How to Manage the Driver Catalog

Contains the steps to import device drivers and create driver packages for use with operating system deployment and device driver management.
How to Manage Task Sequences

Contains the steps to create, use, advertise, and copy task sequences.
How to Manage Task Sequence Variables

Contains the steps to assign task sequence variables to a computer or a collection.
How to Manage Operating System Boot Images

Contains the steps to add and update operating system boot images.
How to Manage Native Mode Certificates and Operating System Deployment

Contains information on setting up and importing client certificates.

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